"33" The Serie
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Author:  andydufrene [ Mon May 15, 2017 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  "33" The Serie

Hi folks,

You can find the complete series "33" on josepharthurart.com

Details :
01- 22w x 30h green face copper shadow
02- 18w x 24h Blue Mary
03- 19.5w x 27.5h night hawks
04- 22.5w x 30h don't look back (blue line man over olive shadow pink ground
05- 30w x 43h red devil
06- 30w x 22h the gold conversation
07- 19w x 27h the tail of two cities
08- 19.5w x 27.5h minimal bronze
09- 22.5w x 30h rainbow coalition
10- 22.5w x 30h purple people eater
11- 22.5w x 30h waterfall
12- 22.5w x 29.5 the green goblin
13- 26w x 40h her name is thirteen
14 & 15- 22.5w x 30h double sided
16- 22.5w x 30h queen Mary
17- 27.5w x 20h purple looking up
18- 22.5w x 30h red eye
19- 18w x 18h hey nineteen cracked
20- 23w x 30h black and white
21- 22.5w x 30h ol' green serious
22- 30w x 22.5h yellow lovers
23- 19.5w x 27.5h highly damaged
24- 26w x 40h perfume medusa
25- 18w x 24h I used to be a zebra
26- 22.5w x 30h red waving hello
27- 22.5w x 30h three red crosses
28- 22.5w x 30h I used to be a blue zebra
29 & 30- 22.5w x 30h the boss (dbl sided)
31- 18w x 24h baby face
32- 20w x 24h until we meet again
33- 24w x 20h if Jesus was amaze

*A video was created for the occasion "33" The New Art Serie (Joseph Arthur)

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