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 Joseph on the web [links] 
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If you know of something to add to this list, please "reply" to this message with a URL and brief description. Please also record any broken links you encounter, so we can fix them.

MOMAR video page (art related) - new
Joseph's official homepage Audio/Video page.
Joseph's official YouTube channel YouTube channel
YouTube - most recent on top.

2010-11-10 Fistful Of Mercy on Conan - new
2010-10-07 Fistful Of Mercy on SIRIUS XM - new
2010-10-06 Fistful of Mercy on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
2010-10-06 Fistful of Mercy at Vintage Vinyl Records - new
2010-08-26 Fistful of Mercy @ KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
2010-05-27 - 2010-06-06 Montreal International Jazz Festival 2010
2010-01-15 The Triple Door private show (6 videos)

2009-12-30 Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia(11 videos)
2009-03-23 Cabaret Electric, Le Havre (3 songs)
2009-01-31 The Bell House, Brooklyn (w/ band, 15 videos)
2009-01-30 The Bell House, Brooklyn (solo, 15 videos)
2009-01-27 Rolling Stone Smoking Section session (4 songs)

2008-10-17 Recher Theatre, Baltimore (16 videos)
2008-10-06 La Cigale, Paris (20 minutes)
2008-10-01 L'Express Acoustic Session (3 songs + interview)
2008-10-01 Le Cargo sessions #77: Smile & Say Goodbye
2008-09-30 Session LibeLabo, Paris (Turn You On + Look Into The Sky)
2008-09-10 Take-Away-Show (King Of The Pavement from SXSW 2008)
2008-07-22 KEXP studio
2008-07-03 Joseph on Uncensored Interview
2008-06-20 L'Emporium Galorium, Rouen (complete 1 hour concert): sound check, part 1, part 2, part 3.
2008-05-00 MOG TV 4-part video interview at MOMAR
2008-04-26 Museum of Modern Arthur - Crazy Rain EP release party (11 videos)
2008-03-21 Museum of Modern Arthur - Could We Survive EP release party
2008-03-15 Red Fez SXSW gig with Jen Turner (11 videos)
2008-03-14 Buffalo Billiards, Austin SXSW showcase (10 videos)
2008-03-?? Temporary People A Truck in Texas, Austin SXSW (c) Vincent Moon - new
2008-03-14 Turn You On 4201 Speedway, Austin SXSW (c) Vincent Moon
2008-03-12 hotel room rehearsal for SXSW (7 videos)

2007-05-25 MTV e2, Toronto interview
2007-05-25 Mod Club, Toronto Smile and Star Song.
2007-04-27 MPR, The Current, studio session part 1 + part 2
2007-03-08 Toronto, Jeff Healey's, also here, here and here.
2007-02-xx Slide Away (promo)
2007-01-03 The Twilight Singers feat. Joseph on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (40 Dollars)


2006-10-28 Music Factory instore, New Orleans Devil's Broom and Only You Can Drive
2006-10-16 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
2006-10-12 Triple Door, Seattle (full set + 20 min. interview)
2006-06-02 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London - by Mark and Jenny
2006-04-03 Michael Stipe's 'In The Sun' documentary on the Sundance Channel
2006-04-xx Live On Mars (Y & Joseph collaboration)

2005 and earlier

2005-09-29 Echo Park @ The Artist's Den at the Chrystie's Auction House, NY - also as iTunes podcast
2005-07-22 complete Rough Trade instore London (7 parts)
2005-xx-xx 'Failed' music video (later used for Even Tho)
2001 Dissection Of A Cockroach (documentary)
2000-xx-xx Come To Where I'm From EPK
1998 Hells Kitchen movie trailer (direct link)

fan communities

Yahoo mailing list - (inactive, now an archive)
Joseph Arthur group on MySpace
Joseph Arthur group at LastFM
Live Journal's Junkyard Hearts group
Joseph Arthur message board on Yahoo! Music

other JA related sites

Joseph on Twitter
Joseph on LastFM
Joseph on Bebo
Joseph on Facebook
Joseph on iLike
Joseph on MOG
Joseph's artist page on AOL

Museum of Modern Arthur website
Museum of Modern Arthur on Facebook - new
Lonely Astronaut Records on Twitter

Joseph at Real World Records
Joseph Arthur Filmography
Google search history for "Joseph Arthur"
Petition you can sign for Joseph to play in Portugal

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Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:55 am
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Joined: Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:01 pm
Posts: 1127
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radio sessions

Bag Is Hot @ tumblr:
I Am the Mississippi - new
Dirt And Flame - new
Come With Revolution - new
Lacerated America (part one and two )
Summer Plans [demo]
Lovely Cost
Dark Forces
Blast Off!
My Eyes Follow You
If Yer Afraid
So Far Away
Father's Eyes
Burning Wheel
Still Life Honey Rose
I'm In Your Life
One By One
Straw Dogs
Lonely Astronaut
All The Old Heroes

2010-09-01 FOM live on KEXP Seattle - new
2010-02-26 WNYC Soundcheck
2010-01-15 Triple Door early show on KEXP Seattle

2008-12-11 brief World Cafe interview 'Not Much To Hide' + tracks from earlier August session
2008-12-11 the Daytrotter Session
2008-08-06 WXPN World Cafe Live (live show)
2009-07-22 KEXP studio
2008-07-01Joseph Arthur on WFUV (direct link)
2008-06-12 Live Daily session
2008-04-30 NY Talk The Brilliant Show podcast (starts after 15 min)
2008-03-11 KUT Studio 1A - SXSW podcast
2008-02-13 Words and Music from Studio A (direct link)


2007-12-11 Radio Campus, Paris
2007-04-27 MPR, The Current
2007-04-25 BFN Networks, Chicago, IL (interview)
2007-04-24 WOXY 97X, Lounge Acts
2007-04-10 Radio Canada, Christiane Charette (direct link)


2006-11-03 WNYC Soundcheck (was repeated in Best of Soundcheck Live 2006 live performances.)
2006-10-30 Paste Magazine podcast
2006-10-18 WXPN World Cafe
2006-10-16 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
2006-10-12 KEXP Live From the Triple Door, Seattle
2006-10-07 KTBG Missouri, The Bridge
2006-10-06 MPR, The Current
2006-10-03 WFUV NY, Words and Music from Studio A (direct link)
2006-09-25 WXPN A Musician's Life
2006-02-1x BBC Oxford - The Download interview only


2005-12-03 BBC Radio2 Dermot O'Leary Show - direct link (only 1 song)
2005-09-28 WNYC Soundcheck podcast
2005-03-29 MPR Minnesota Public Radio - near bottom
2005-03-28 KTGB Missouri The Bridge
2005-03-24 KUT, Austin 'Eklektikos' - later 'Mexican Army' re-broadcast in MP3 at bottom of page
2005-03-16 KEXP Seattle
2005-02-28 WNYC Soundcheck - starts at 29:15 minutes.

2004 and earlier

2004-10-29 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
2004-10-13 KEXP Seattle, NYC studio
2004-09-27 KEXP Seattle
2004-09-20 BFN Networks Chicago - interview only
2003-02-25 WFUV NY, Fordham University - direct link
2003-02-10 WFUV NY - direct link
2003-01-31 BFN Networks Chicago - interview only (podcast)
2003-01-25 KCRW New Ground
2002-10-12 KEXP Seattle
2000-02-29 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
1999-07-11 KCRW The Open Road
1997-05-01 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

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Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:10 am
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Location: Boston, USA
photo collections

flickr- constantly changing, so check back frequently. (use tag "josepharthur" if you upload photos)


2010-11-13 FOM at Hollywood Forever (c) Tom Wheaton - new
2010-11-13 FOM at Hollywood Forever (c) Tony Chiappetta/The Scenestar - new
2010-11-13 FOM at Hollywood Forever (c) Timothy Norris/LA Weekly - new
2010-11-11 FOM at American Music Hall, San Francisco (c) Misha Vladimirskiy - new
2010-11-11 FOM at American Music Hall, San Francisco (c) Hali McGrath/SoundSpike - new
2010-11-09 FOM at Showbox, Seattle (c) Dave Lichterman - new
2010-08-26 FOM at Easy Street Records, Seattle instore
2010-01-xx West coast leg of tour - (c) rabidog

2009-01-15 Club Soda, Montreal (c) Andre Bergeron

2008-10-16 Capitol Theatre, York - (c)
2008-10-08 Monto Water Rats, London(c) sandra71
2008-07-11 Bowery Ballroom
2008-06-23 Cafe de la Danse , Paris (c) Thierry Chion
2008-06-20 L'Emporium Galorium, Rouen (c) Thierry Chion
2008-06-18 Union Chapel, London (c) sandra71
2008-04-26 Crazy Rain record release party @ MOMAR (c) Lori Baily

2007-05-23 Bowery Ballroom, New York (c)
2007-05-23 Bowery Ballroom, New York (c) Kyle Dean Reinford
2007-05-17 Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta (c) InsideThePerimeter
2007-05-12 The Parish, Austin - by stefanie
2007-05-11 Cambridge Room @ HOB, Dallas (c) tania:)
2007-05-09 The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles by Stevo Rood
2007-05-08 The Roxy, L.A. (c) Joey Maloney
2007-05-06 Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco (c) cricketsymphony / Chris D
2007-05-02 Neumo's, Seattle (c) ribes
2007-04-27 Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis(c) tay-lo
2007-04-27 Varsity Theater, Minneapolis (c) pdlars
2007-04-26 High Noon Saloon, Madison (c) pdlars
2007-04-24 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH(c) Kiesha Jenkins
2007-04-24 WOXY Lounge Act, Cincinnati (c)
2007-04-23 Mr. Small's Theater, Millvale (Pittsburgh) (c) Faelyn
2007-04-20 J&R instore, New York (c) Real New Yorkers Know
2007-02-22 Knitting Factory, New York (Paste Magazine secret show) (c) tanyandsuki

2006-12-01 House Of Blues, Los Angeles - (c) BlackBookPhotography
2006-11-03 Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY by graciepoo
2006-10-28 Music Factory instore, New Orleans
2006-10-28 Music Factory instore, New Orleans
2006-10-12 Crocodile Cafe, Seattle (c) ribes
2006-10-12 The Triple Door, Seattle (c) jakeludington
2006-10-07 The Bottleneck, Lawrence (c)
2006-10-06 Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis (c) tay-lo
2006-10-06 Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis (c) Alyssamq80
2006-10-05 Birdy's, Indianapolis (c) B. Solomon
2006-09-28 Paradise Rock Club, Boston by dehub
2006-09-27 Bowery Ballroom, NY by tommylane
2006-07-23 Paleo Ferstival - (c) jack [at]
2006-06-01 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London by Petra
2006-02-24 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London by UKmusicsearch music reviews and directory
2006-02-24 Shepherd's Bush Empire, London by Charlie
2006-02-21 Oxford by Helen
2006-02-21 Oxford by BBC Oxford
2006-02-17 Avalanche Records instore, Glasgow - by Charlie
2006-02-15 Spiller's Records instore, Cardiff
2006-02-12 Vertigo Gallery art exhibition by Helen
2006-02-10 Vertigo Gallery art exhibition by Xavier


2005-11-06 Parvis des Esserts, Cluses - by Christelle
2005-11-05 Ninkasi Kao, Lyon - by Christelle
2005-11-02 Le Bataclan, Paris
2005-11-01 Abart, Zurich- by Christelle
2005-10-30 L'Usine, Genevea - by Christelle
2005-10-26 Rockhal, Luxembourg - by Pierre
2005-10-17 The Fleece, Bristol - by Helen
2005-09-29 Christie's Auction House, New York, also here.
2005-08-18 Rock Oz Arenes, Avenches (c) J. Carlucci
2005-07-29 La Maroquinerie, Paris
2005-05-31 Metro Club, London by Christelle
2005-04-11 Boston, MA - by Angela
2005-04-10 & 11 Northampton, MA & Boston, MA - by Cheryl
2005-03-31 Chicago - by Christopher May
2005-03-25 Rhythm Room, Houston, TX - (C) Charis Donough
2005-03-12 KCRW Sounds Eclectic Evening

2004 and earlier

2004-12-08 Sonic Boom instore Seattle
2004-11-11 Ottawa Civic Center, Ottawa - tunevault (3 pics, pages 1 + 2)
2004-01-19/20 ASCAP, Sundance (c) ASCAP
2004-01-19/20 ASCAP, Sundance (c) fredhayes
2003-04-23 Waterloo Records instore Austin
2003-01-10 Knitting Factory, New York - (c) Scott Wynn
2002-08-02 Benicassim Festival
2002-06-28 Le Rock dans tous ses Etats, Evreux France
2002-05-06 La Scene, Paris
2000-03-21 FNAC showcase, Paris

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Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:11 am
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I've recently updated all the photo and radio links.

I had to delete several dead links. If there is anything you want to save for personal use, keep in mind that older web content tends to disappear.

I'll check all the video links next. Let me know if anything is amiss or broken.

Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:35 am
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New links. 8)

Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:31 pm

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Hi There,
Nice to see this site still active. I've been a fan of Joseph's for a long time now. Since picking up his first albums when they came out and seeing him live in the early noughties. I write for the Frozen Veg Project. It's a music blog where we write music inspired by others and then post/write about it. Our latest episode feature Joe's Travel As Equals. Take a listen if you get chance. We were thrilled to get the thumbs up from Joseph on Twitter earlier. Any feedback would be gratefully received: ... ph-arthur/

If anyone fancies contributing to future episodes please let us know. We're always happy to feature other musicians.


Sat Oct 18, 2014 1:09 pm
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"Avoiding your memory like a vampire does the sun"

Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:15 am
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