True American Rebel

raw and fucked up
Beat down and exposed
slightly terrorized
Some people pay large sums of money to feel this way
They visit a dominatrix and get whipped into submission
They've confused pain with pleasure
But not me
Anyway not to this extreme
I feel out of whack
I'm taking an acting class
And the teacher came down on me today like lightning and a whole lotta thunder
We were told to describe a scene
I described my hood and in doing so
The brooklyn bridge
And in doing that
A flag
An american flag
On one of the tiers
But as I described it
I said it without much feeling
Matter of factly
An american flag flying over the brooklyn bridge
She could not except this
To her
You cannot simply say
the american flag is flying over the brooklyn bridge
She brought up the boss and how he sings born in the usa
She brought up war
The depression
JFK elvis new orleans
911 and all the combined force of all the angst and blood and sweat and tears of
a country completely ripped apart and on the verge of a near total catastrophic
She believed all this must be underneath when describing the fact that the
american flag is flying over the brooklyn bridge
I countered
Can't ambivalence be an emotion
I even brought up
Jack kerouacs famous quote
No time for poetry just the facts
And another great singer besides the boss
Frank sinatra who just delivers the lines
Stays out of the songs way and in doing so communicates a different kind of
sorrow and joy
But she came down hard
All melodrama and rage
tears literally forming in her eyes
As she once again espoused on the huge weight of our countries suffering
when saying
the AMERICAN FLAG waves over the brooklyn bridge
I asked her to show me how
To show me how all that emotion and pain
The bigness of it could really be felt
And again I questioned her feeling that the emotion had to be a certain way
I said
I really see how ambivalence makes alotta sense
Not saying its right
But I bet if there were a true poll taken about the mood of our country amongst
its citizens
Ambivalence would rank pretty high
And those that could actually conjure up any passion at all would be few and far
After class I spoke with some ladies downstairs
One said
Yer such a rebel
I thought
Why cause I ask questions
And then I thought
Yeah rebel
True american
Love it or leave it
God bless us all

The american flag waves over the brooklyn bridge

Wake up everyone this is our country

Maybe that's what she meant.