spanking diamonds with flapjacks and grits

I let you put a diamond in my nose
I let you wander past food stamps into tattoos and goldmines
I let us eat flapjacks with grits at the majestic
I let you let me spank you spank me
I let us rub the surface off a hundred lotto tickets to win two dollars back and rub those to void
I let us by dream guitars, which fold distortion like angels kissing the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind
I let you free me by surrendering elastic handcuffed
After you said choke me but be careful
And we never had a safety word
And we never practiced yoga but instead let our bellies grow out around ponce de leon
And I really didn’t remember enough of those old streets
Enough at least to forget them
And you even let me grow my beard
And eat vegetarian soul food and play long guitar solos
And feel love
For everyone all the time
And be awake
And be grateful
And have folks that love me
And surrender to yer will
And do so with gratitude and happily
And you let me ride next to an easel and you let paint fall from the roof
Of the rust machine and paint my face protection and respect
And I regretted every time I lost my temper
Or didn’t pay for the coffee
Or let them shoot the horse or murder a dream
I walked thru fire till I noticed it didn’t burn me
And then I just stood there in it
And wished it still did
I tried to remember what it was like
When everything mattered and was real
Unlike now when everything matters and is real except for me
As I stand in flames
Unable to burn
And I stand in rain
Dry as the desert
And I stand in cold
Perfectly warm
The sun always shining
Even when
Especially when it’s midnight
And there is nothing but darkness
And the whites of your eyes
Reminding to write the poem
To deliver the message
The one that needs to be delivered to you
And then back again
As god talks to himself
Communicates with himself
And showers us with praise
As we lay dying in our inability to surrender
The masters have all been this way before
Though there have been few
They have all burned without burning
Until they were ash
Until they were no more than dust in your eye
Carried by some far off wind
In to your blossoming vision