open letter to the fans upset with me for not having a record deal in america which for some reason they believe to be both my fault and a personal insult to them

driving from dublin to glasgow
g. and i were the victims of a sleeping driver
hitting the wall opposite us
spun on the wet road
smashing into us and then into the other wall
miraculously no one was hurt
apart from a sore neck
shaking from adrenaline in the rain
the lady ambulance driver with rubber gloves
held my hands
and kept asking me if i wanted to go to the hospital
all i could think to say was
no of course i dont want to go to the hospital
the cops on site wanted to shoot the sleepy taxi driver from london
who was delivering mysterious packages
to a man in a white van
appearing out of the night to retrieve his damaged goods
adding to the chaos and turmoil
junked cars smoking in the night
broken bones of the their exoskeletons
being crushed under wheels and thrown
as cars sped by with passengers
looking wide eyed in our direction
blue and red lights lighting shocked faces
for a moment returning to darkness
and then being lit up again
the color of red
the devils red
the slick highway soaked in his blood
he must have been nearby laughing
if only in my imagination
then the color of blue
the blue of frozen faces
in caskets speeding by
the highway sounds
wet tires spinning round
chattering teeth
although it wasnt that cold
just fear of the near death experience
and the realization of
the thin line
we are always standing on
the gift of life still in me
unless i am dreaming of life in death
and this is a spiritual transmission or
a ghost in cyber space
having a seance on the web
with bones of light still glued together
and new wings with which to fly
live every second like its a miracle
cause it is
if i was in control of the universe
i would release a new record every week
in america and everywhere else
i have close to a hundred songs already recorded
above and beyond the four eps and the new record
but i am a passenger on this journey
the gods and business men are in charge
of when and where things happen
(i wish the aliens would take me back on their ship)
please understand that i have no intentions of excluding anyone
if i was a magician
copies of all my records would appear from nothing
in every household the world over
but alas i am a mere song and dance man
grateful to have a full belly and a bed to sleep on
(times are tough)
lost in europe playing where the gods
have willed me to be
happy to be here
grateful to be anywhere
doing what i love
be sure that i am doing all i can to get the music to america
but until then
thank god for imports
and please except my apologies

                                                JOSEPH ARTHUR