Gypsy Faded
The Graduation Ceremony (Lonely Astronaut Records)

I'm ready and I'm letting go now
That is what I am doing
And that's what all this turmoil has been about
That and the rumors of who you've been screwing

I'm not burying my head in the sand
I say this with peace, love and understanding
I'm glad we're at some kind of peaceful place now
But darling your were definitely the last one of us standing

When you gypsy faded on us
I needed to say goodbye
But you gypsy faded on us

I suppose there's always a chance of us coming back together
But that seems unlikely in this kind of weather
I just never saw this coming so forgive me the shock
Of becoming a stranger walking down my old block

I'm getting over it though
You are fading from my view
And soon I hope you will be gone
As I have been gone for you
I do however wanna say that I wish you the best
Past the anger of betrayal and the need to second guess

When you gypsy faded on us
I needed to say goodbye
But you gypsy faded on us
Bye, bye

We were holding phantom hands
And I can't feel you any more, oh
We've been holding phantom hands
I can't feel you any more

I don't wanna stir it all back up
But leaving this vague has proved extra painful for me
It's easier to deal with things like this when they are clear
Whereas once I was blind I can finally see
And like that old saying goes when you let your bird fly
She comes back to you if she is really yours and free
Well this time you didn't come back so I guess you weren't mine
I still love you of course but I let go of the need

When you gypsy faded on us
I needed to say goodbye
But you gypsy faded on us
Bye, bye

When you gypsy faded on us
I needed to say goodbye
But you gypsy faded on us


First live performance in Alençon (France) on 14 October 2009

A video was made with animated Joseph's artworks

On 2011 May 24th, the online magazine American Songwriter published an interview of Joseph about that song :

Describe “Gypsy Faded.”
it’s a raw and true break up letter put to chords and a melody
when someone or something breaks your heart and you plead with that entity hopelessly
you tend to write very inspired things which you throw into the void
i decided not to waste it but to put it in a song
it’s a songwriter’s revenge to take heartbreak and turn it into gold
every artist is an alchemist
i’m sure thats where that myth comes from
everything good comes from crap
including vegetables

When did you write it?
a year or so ago
but i’d say if it’s any good then it wrote me

Did you revise it much after the initial inspiration?
not even one line

What does the term “gypsy faded” mean?
it comes from when you are at a party or an event and you leave without saying goodbye to anyone
that’s a gypsy fade
only this song is about somebody gypsy fading out of an entire relationship
leaving without closure
people do it all the time
doesn’t make it right

Is this song inspired by a real life situation? Care to tell the story?
i do care to tell the story
but that’s why i made the new record
i wanted to tell the story

Do you have any other songs about the same relationship?
the whole record is about that relationship
it was long
and making this music was cathartic and healing
art is the best medicine to turn bitterness in the heart back into innocence
but coupled with wisdom
to be innocent and wise is to be enlightened

When you sing “I don’t feel you anymore,” it brings to mind “I can’t feel you anymore” in “Idiot Wind.” Was that in the back of your mind when you wrote it, or an intentional allusion?
not intentional
in fact this is the first that’s been brought to my attention
a subconscious allusion

How was recording the song? Fun? Arduous?
it was simple
i recorded all but two of the songs in one sitting
just playing guitar and singing with no click track
i intended them to stay that way but then Jim Keltner came in and put drums on everything so i had to then work on em all just so that they could live up to the drumming