Whisper Of Whispers
The Ballad Of Boogie Christ Act 2 ()

How many warning shots must he fire
Into the emptiness of crescendoing skies
Just like Beethoven conducting goodbyes
With orchestra strings and notes made of fire
Which burn in the eyes like a truth from a liar
How many wars must he wage in your head
As misery's chief just lays there as dead
With the spike in his arm
And a bullet in his brain
Like a seed of repulsion
Which brings its own rain

How many skies must he rip from the clouds
And let them hang empty against nothing at all
As he says your name and you write on the wall
His voice growing louder you ignore every call
How much joy must you forsake for pain
Your stupidity flows like the noose of cocaine
A string made of powder you hang in the sky
Strung by your nose, sniffing goodbye

I know you will make it
I know you will finally fall
And hear him call

Paranoid eyes of blood and mistrust
The disease of fools and bankers of lust
Corruption just bleeds from your every pore
Like destruction which feeds a leech on a sore
How much salvation must he offer for free
Against your denial of who he must be
Against your betrayal of his heart so free
Which forgives and relieves all your misery

I know you will make it
I know you will finally fall
And hear him call

How much deceit must you force him to take
As he waits around for you to be awake
Into the blossom reaching through who you are
From under the pavement into each falling star
How much disease must he embrace and then cure
Like a leper of gold, eyes white light and pure
Crushing your sickness which cannot be contained
Into your sheets, bloody and stained

Float from your womb, aborted and gone
Like the echo of voices in the silence of song
How many missions must he endlessly take
Until others are with him, alive and awake
To rise to his level, as real and as true
To be a beast in the jungle instead of the zoo
How many liars must he first strike down
With the weapon of words and the mercy he found

I know you will make it
I know you will finally fall
And hear him call


Played live for the first time in Seattle on January 15th 2010
The song was first a poem posted on 17 January 2007, the same day that another poem that became a well-known song : All The Old heroes